A Day at The Florida Museum of Natural History By: Corey Sprusasnky

Nature on Display:

What I found most enjoyable from my visit at the Florida Museum of Natural History (FLMNH) was walking the Natural Area Teaching Lab Trails. These trails consist of four trail heads: Upland Pine Trail, Old Field Trail, Hammock Trail, and the SEEP Trail. The trail I enjoyed the most was the Upland Pine Trail as it placed me within north Florida's most common ecosystem. I walked through pines, shrubs, grasses and a variety of colorful wildflowers. All in all these trails offered at the FLMNH gave me the opportunity to connect with nature. I wasn't inside of the museum reading and viewing about nature....I was outside learning about nature by exploring it!

Uplands Pine Trail

Nature and Ethics:

The FLMNH provides a wonderful opportunity for people to experience nature. As already explained above, it offers a total of just over 2.5 miles of nature trails. This helps a museum goer to experience nature much more than just reading and view it within a building. This gives the opportunity for those people to explore nature themselves and thus develop their own sense of importance of nature. Even before visiting the museum I have always had a place within me for nature. From my early years of maintaining a family garden to the countless times I have done trails throughout the country I have developed a strong respect and care for nature.

Cloudland Canyon State Park Georgia -- Corey Sprusansky

Nature and the Human Spirit:

A visit to the FLMNH or any nature truly does help people to disconnect from their everyday lives. Today we are constantly being harassed by society and technology to keep on keeping. There seems to be little to no time in our days to relax and focus on ourselves. Nature help us to put this all away. We get the opportunity to relax in the quietness of nature where no eyes or sound bothers us. It is truly an opportunity to find oneself.

Cloudland Canyon State Park Georgia -- Corey Sprusansky
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