One of the most beautiful countries in the world....

Latitude 0'0'0'

Some amazing things happen when you are standing right on top of the Equator line:

  • You are 10 pounds lighter
  • Water goes in opposite directions down the drain just a couple of feet north or south of the line
  • You can balance an egg on top of a nail
  • You lose your strength and cannot walk in a straight line....

Horseback riding in this place felt like being inside the Lord of the Rings movie... It was so mistical being inside a volcano, in a foggy afternoon....

San Pablo 

What a better way to spend the night than in a cabin by the lake at the base of a volcano.... Amazing food, earful scenery, delightful weather year around....

Surreal landscape at dusk, wish the day could last longer to stay here.

The Imbabura province is home to the native people of Otavalo. Indians that maintained their culture and heritage even nowadays.

Then, we wen to Cotopaxi... The highlight of our trip...


Standing at 14000 feet, the air was so crisp and fresh , the landscape is breathtaking, I did not know whether to watch or take pictures. The clouds were so close we felt we could touch them....


We were welcomed to this hacienda with canelazo and empanadas. Staying here was a one in a lifetime experience. Falling sleep in a a in heated with wood fire after amazing dinners made this an unforgettable place.

I don't know of any other place where you could stand in one spot and watch 5 volcanos....

Then the crown jewel of South America.... Quito

Quito, the colonial capital of Amrerica

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