My Road To Success My Promise To you

At first we had an idea to make a scissor lift but we soon realized that would not work so we started brainstorming. We then came up with an idea to make gears to make it change the angle. But we could not get the gears just right so we asked for help and you gave us help but we still did not fully understand how to work the gears. We then came up with an idea to get a string to change the angle but that ended up not working. So we finally ended up coming up with our final idea which was to have sticks with spikes at the end stick in the ground and be able to move them forward and backwards to change the angle. That ended up being our final idea and it worked pretty well . So we then started on our cannon we cut our pipes and started glueing but we messed up we glued the cap on without the barrel support and we could not figure out how to fix that. But while we were doing this project something set us back a little one of the only people that knew how to use onshape well left our group which gave us a little bit of a problem. But we ended up keep going and trying to get this done. We cut out a bracer but it broke when we cut it out and we ran out of time and we had to move to the shop bot so we did not get to use our brace so we used duct tape. Our cannon was not the best but it still worked and did its job. People in our class discouraged us and told us that our cannon is not going to work but we proved them wrong and our cannon shot the furthest but we were not very accurate but i think if we were given another chance to make a new cannon we could impress everyone in the class i am being completely honest in this i was not trying and was not being the best team player i could during this project. I have learned from mistakes and i am ready to be 100% commited to get a good grade and get stuff done as well work better with my team. We could have done better but my team was very unorganized and was not very focused on the task you gave us. I think if we work as a team and stay on task we can overcome any challange we come across we let our challanges overcome us and let it make us become off task and make us not do the best we could. But all in all i think we could do a lot better than we did during this project. This is probably the worst i did on a project in your class but this is my promise to you i am making a commitment to do better For the next project and every project from then on.

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