Being 15 In Thailand By Lily Larson

Being 15 in Thailand is not ordinary yet full of opportunity because of government and the education system.

15 year old's in Thailands lives are often not ordinary because of their governments.

Thailand is the only country in southeast Asia that escaped colonial rule.(BBC)

This makes living in Thailand different to live in than the countries around them.

Being 15 in Thailand can be full of opportunity because of the education system.

12 years of free public schooling is guaranteed to all Thai citizens.(WENR)

This gives poor students the opportunity to go to school and gain a general knowledge in life.

Through this process by taking perspective I developed an understanding of how some people may feel in Thailand.
Being 15 in Thailand can be very different from every kind of life but with the right opportunities given they can do lots with their lives in Thailand or outside of Thailand.

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