Top tips for tweeting or: HOW TO MAXIMISE YOUR OUTREACH

People are following you because you are putting out interesting content. If you look at your Twitter base, you can understand what it is they are looking for from you. Your Twitter lives to serve. Be your personality, not an echo chamber.

Who are you?

From your our bio, to your tweets, your media, to your links, you build a painting of who you are, your users will respond to this.

Think about who you follow, WHY do you follow them? You should reflect this too.

Rule 1

Use selfies.

No seriously. People respond well to these because it gives your content some human factor. Tweet, but try to tweet with an image, we are visual creatures after all!

Rule 2

Don't be afraid of humour or poking fun.

Tease and poke fun at each other, it will present us as a close knit team. Support and praise one another during face time things, events etc, but if you're sharing personal fusion content? Tease. It creates a sense of competition among us which will increase our skills, but also makes us look like a group of friends as much as colleagues. People respond well to this.

Rule 3

Keep your content fresh and original.

For every retweet, aim to have 3-5 original posts which have photos. This keeps you fresh, thoughtful and HUMAN.

This is a soft rule, if you do retweet spam, offset that with a lot of original content. You know your audience, so you will know what they want best, but always keep in mind the audience you want to have.

Rule 4

Sharing links

When sharing links, personalise the captions. Your followers are engaged with you, not the links you share, create incentive for them to click on it, generate interest!

Rule 5

Grow your following group.

Interact with other users, get dialogues going, make jokes, be enthusiastic, write original posts. This is how you get yourself more and more followers. Post your Twitter handle in videos and presentations, but DO NOT BE EXCESSIVE. If your handle is perpetually in place, it can make you look desperate.

Remember to promote yourself, but don't be shameless. The right audience you is what you want, not just thousands of followers. 100 influential followers is worth so much more.

Rule 6

Keep it light, but don't be afraid to hold a stance.

The general rule is to keep it light and breezy, but every now and again something may come across your feed which gets your blood pumping. Do not be afraid to express your views, it once again, demonstrates that you're human. If a political or world event happens and you have a stance, feel free to share it, but do of course proceed with caution. Think carefully about what you're saying and make sure it's not just in the spur of the moment! You might find that what you're saying is something that is knee jerk, rather than thought out.

I for example have expressed my views on race and racial discrimination in my old work Twitter for 2052. It was a risky thing to do but my followers responded well, yours however, may not. Just always keep in mind what your demographic is like.

Rule 7

Be the Twitter you want to view.

The previous rules have all focused on getting more followers, but just remember, none of that is worth squat if you aren't putting out content you like. Keep your personality at the top of your priorities, convey who you are.

Rule 8

Give your bros some love.

Hanging out with people? Out of work hours? Share that stuff. that's how you build your persona, you need to flesh out who you are beyond an evangelist to be human. Put that stuff out there and show your out of work side to the world!

Remember that this team binding also generates motivation, we want to be leaders and part of that is creating an aspirational as well as inspirational persona

Rule 9

Unrelated stuff is always related

Let's keep it simple: variety is the spice of life. Or in my case, the coke float of life.

Rule 10

Above all else, be who you are, be what you want to be, and follow the people you wanna follow. 

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Paul sohi

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