• The Monarch butterfly is a beautiful butterfly
  • Its wings have white spots and bright orange and black stripes
  • Monarch butterflies are amazing insects;
  • they can fly very far, even though they are smaller than your hand
A Monarch butterfly
  • Did you know that Monarch butterflies help plants grow?
  • When they are on plants, a powder called pollen gets stuck to the Monarch's wings and feet
  • When the Monarchs lands on another plant, some of the pollen falls onto that plant
  • This pollen helps that plant grow
  • The plants need the Monarch butterflies to spread pollen from plant to plant
  • Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on only one type of plant
  • That plant is called Milkweed
A Monarch butterfly on a Milkweed plant
...more Milkweed plants
Monarch eggs on a Milkweed plant leaf
A Monarch butterfly egg very close up
  • A caterpillar comes out of each egg
  • The caterpillar eats the Milkweed plant leaves
A tiny caterpillar
  • The caterpillar then turns into a chrysalis
  • And finally a new Monarch butterfly comes out of the chrysalis
  • The Milkweed plant is very important because it helps the earth have lots of Monarch butterflies
  • But, the earth needs lots of Milkweed plants
  • We can help the earth and Monarch butterflies by growing Milkweed plants,
  • And that's what we're going to do today!
A Milkweed plant beginning to grow
  • When our Milkweed plant starts growing, we'll put it outside and see if Monarch butterflies come to it; how cool will that be?!
  • Here's some pictures of people planting Milkweed...

Now it's our turn; let's start planting!

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