Baltic Journey July 2017

First stop in London was at Harrod's!
I went with Scotch Eggs over the Bream....
The seafood Looked Delicious! The catch of the day was Monkfish...see if you can find it.

Day 2

Piccadilly Circus in 1949............and in 2017
Beginning of the Cotswolds tour
St. John's in Burford (Cotswolds)
England's Oldest Inn - Porch House, 947 AD
This doorway is believed to be the inspiration for the Doors of Durin from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.
Top Right - A path they used to send sheep to the sale. The tight path kept them in line. Bottom - My picture wasn't (that) crooked, the building is sinking on the right.
Fields in England
Scenes from the countryside

Day 3 - Travel from London to Southampton to board ship and head to Bruges

Day 4 - Our day in Bruges, Belgium

Filip took us around the town for the day.
Bell tower of Our Lady's Church (Top left and bottom right) De Giedendag Hotel and Restaurant (Bottom left)

Day 5 @ Sea

Day 6 - Copenhagen

The old "red light" district revamped.
Just thinking.......
Top left - Christina in front of the Little Mermaid. Top Middle - Changing of the Danish Royal Guard. Top Right - Joanne and Christina at a scenic spot in Copenhagen. Bottom left - The Little Mermaid built in 1913. Bottom Right - The Gelfion Fountain
Waiting to see the Changing of the Danish Royal Guard

Day 7 @ Sea

Day 8 - Stockholm, Sweden

City Hall
Changing of the Guard in Stockholm
In the IceBar in Stockholm. Cranberry Juice in a glass made of ice. Temp was -5c
End of the long, pleasant day.

Day 9 - Tallinn, Estonia

Kadriorg Palace built for Catherine I of Russia by Peter the Great
Kitchen Room in Tallinn, Estonia - Awesome Lunch!
View from the top of the hill in Tallinn.
Just thinking.......

Day 10 - St. Petersburg, Russia

Church of St. Catherine
The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood
All mosaic, no paintings
Some famous artists at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.......Michelangelo (top), Raffaello (bottom left), Rembrandt (bottom middle), and Da Vinci (bottom right)
Swan Lake at Hermitage Theater on Saturday night (it filled up quickly)
St. Petersburg at sunset

Day 11 - St. Petersburg, Russia (Day 2)

Peterhof Palace
Scenes from the Peterhof Palace
My first bowl of borscht - Delicious!

Day 12 - Helsinki, Finland

This is rapeseed, which is used to create vegetable oil. Canola oil is a modified version of this.
Temppeliaukio Church - Built directly into solid rock.

Day 13 - At Sea Day

Day 14 - Gdansk, Poland

Downtown, GDansk
Awesome walking/shopping/eating area in Gdansk

Days 15 & 16 - At Sea Days (headed to Southampton)

Day 17 - Headed Home

We were greeted with this rainbow as we entered the port in Southampton
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Ken Veon


All Photos are my own, except for the ones I am being photographed....those someone else took.

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