Humanities CAT2 By Chelsea Hirst

Archeologist: A type of scientist that investigates human history and past. Someone who digs up ancient artefacts and surveys the area.
Artefact: A belonging from ancient humans that need to be looked at in a lab because it might mean something BIG!
Excavate: to dig up
Anthropologist: people that study humans via their culture. We need anthropologists to help us reflect on things we do in our culture.
Biologist: biologists study a wide variety of living form. Example... marine biologists study sea life. We need biologists because they help us know about what's living aboround us us and what to be aware of.
Philologist: study languages that historians use. We need these people so we can understand their language and what they spoke about.
1. The things that were preserved from the lava, were streets, shops, houses, and a few small objects.
2. The lava preserved the bodies for centuries.
3. The archeologists made statues of the preserved bodies by plastering them.
4. Historians need archeologists and archeologists need historians. Both inform each other about the past. The knowledge provides information about the historical time.
The end.

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