Washington America runs on George

What past experiences make him right for the job?

Washington lead us to victory and liberty from the evil clutches of Britain.

His cabinet

His cabinet (left to right) Secretary of State: Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of Treasury: Alexander Hamilton, Attorney General: Edmund Randolph, Vice President: John Adams, Secretary of War: Henry Knox.

Why Jefferson and Hamilton are great picks.

Thomas Jefferson is a well known southerner and great writer who wrote the Declaration of Independence, and Alexander Hamilton is a very smart northerner. both together can represent the north and south parts of the country.

Why is the elastic clause good for the country.

Some people may think the elastic clause isn't a good thing but it would help with major decisions like creating the national bank to pay of war debt.

What will Washington and Hamilton do to get us out of debt

Washington and Hamilton will create a national bank that loans money to people to help pay for say a house, and then they pay it back with interest over time.

Why is D.C a great place for the capital.

D.C is a great place because it is in the south where most americans live but not to far to where the north can't visit to discuss laws.

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