DTC #63: Classico di Eagle Rocko





Sip on a wine flight and soak into the mood at an intimate local wine shop.

Slurp up hand made pastas in a dimly lit Italian den.

Sing along to lounge room tunes while taking bites of hand picked desserts.

Colombo's has been dishing out pastas and playing jazz since 1954. The vibes and the martinis haven't changed a bit apparently, good for us.
Stop 1

Friday Wine Flights Cause Your Fantastic

• 6:45pm to 7:45pm •

Happily away from bumper to bumper traffic, angry pedestrians, and the grind you easily find a parking space on the west end of Eagle Rock...

  • Flights are on Fridays and Sundays at CoWineCo. They also have events/deals every night of the week, most notably the Monday “In Vito Veritas” Storytelling Show.
  • Beer lovers don’t stress there is beer on tap.
  • Parking is not a problem, we left our car here and walked the rest of the date then came back at the end of the night.
Stop 2

Hand Made (almost)Everything

• 8pm to 9pm •

A non-gaudy façade and brightly lit signage of the country of Italy are the only indicators you’ve arrived at your next stop...

  • Unfortunately they do not take reservations at this location. Finding a spot shouldn’t be an issue but the larger the crowd the more difficult it may be.
  • They do close at 9pm. So pay attention to your first stop if times getting away from you.
  • All the handmade tableware is from The Pottery Studio in Cypress Park. Feelin’ like you’ve got the skills to make your own?
Stop 3

Dessert Trays and Jazz Keys

• 9:15pm til you're jazzed out •

Stepping inside you become part of the melee between hipsters sipping Old Fashioneds living their best lives and old folks shaking out their martinis re-living their past lives...

  • The bands start at 9pm but there may be some leeway as they put together their equipment.
  • Take the opportunity to ask the host if you can sit at the tables in the middle section in the front. If any of the booth on the left side are available those are the "expensive seats".
  • Desserts are $6 each and having the tray brought to you is as charming as it is old world. The tiramisu hit the spot but we're still curious about the spumoni.
  • If you're getting drinks try a martini. They give you the mini shaker with the second half in it. Chin chin.

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