How do pine trees survive in the winter? Kiera Goins

Close up of a pine trees needles

Pine trees can survive in the winter because of their pine needles. Their pine needles with their small surface area, reduce water loss through a process called transpiration. They also have a waxy coating that protects themselves from drying winds. Pine needles contain a chemical that prevents animals from eating them. The dark color of the needles help the pine trees absorb the heat from the sun, which again then aids in photosynthesis that happens in early spring.

The roots of pine trees do not stop growing in the winter time instead the roots search harder for the moisture and nutrients during the winter time while the ground is frozen and cold versus when it is warm and the ground is soft. So this helps them to survive and live through the winter times.

The pine trees bark also helps them to survive in the winter because coniferous trees like these pine trees have thick bark to protect against the freezing cold in winter. They have cone-shaped with flexible branches help them to cope with the heavy snow fall, and their pine cones protect the seeds during harsh winters. Their evergreen nature means that the needles can photosynthesize whenever there is sufficient sunlight.

Pine trees have adapted through time to winter weather and a shorter growing season with their conical tree shape that allows them to shed snow, and by also staying green year-round so they can produce food through photosynthesis early in spring. And also their needle-shaped leaves reduce moisture loss so they don't really loose water.

Pine trees in the winter somewhere


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