Portrait Assignment skrt

Outside: For this picture I made sure the bird statue was on the right side of the rule of thirds, while the rest of the school covered the other 2/3. This photo was taken in the parking lot, right behind a van, in order to get as much of the school as possible in the photograph.
Away from the wall: The subject is sitting in a chair, while the photographer is about 10 feet away. The brightness was a little too extreme at first, so I had to lower the ISO setting to even it out.
Against wall: In this photo, Mr Walter is in the left hand side of the rule of thirds, while the wall is on the right hand side. This picture was not posed, and I just leaned against the wall, and took a photo of Mr Walter in his natural habitat.
Without flash: This photo has Mr Walter in the right hand side of the rule of thirds. Natural lighting from the window is also utilized in this photograph.
With flash: This photo utilizes artificial lighting (flash) to emphasize the subject properly. The subject is lead from the middle to the right side of the rule of thirds from top to bottom.
Use the subject's environment: The subject's environment in this photograph shows track scores from the past. This symbolizes that the subject may run track, or somehow be affiliated to it.
Natural light from window: Natural lighting from a window lights the subject's face up in this photograph. The subject stood right next to the doors in the commons for this picture. The subject is also in the middle/right-hand side of the rule of thirds.
My choice: In this photo I attempted to have each subject utilize each section of the rule of thirds. Also, portrait mode allowed for the background to be blurred while the subject are in focus.
My choice: The empty chairs in this photo help the subjects stand out more. Also, the lighting goes from dark to bright from the top to the bottom of the picture.
My choice: This photo uses artificial lighting from the flash to focus in on the subject. Also, the background is blurred while the subject is in focus.

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