Miranda vs Arizona By: Valerie young & Ashby worth

Ernesto Miranda who was arrested with rape and kidnapping and went through a trial but was not told of his rights to an attorney or to self incrimination. ¨Miranda was charged with rape and kidnapping and interrogated for two hours while in police custody.¨(U.S. Supreme Court)

The police in Arizona who did not tell Miranda of his rights before he incriminated himself. ¨Police officers questioning him did not inform him of his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, or of his Sixth Amendment right to the assistance of an attorney.¨ (U.S. Supreme Court)

Decision: The decision of the supreme court was that his confession should have been excluded from the trial because the police did not interrogate him correctly.

Long Term Effect: The court decision changed the way that police and court executed trials and that they were more careful to tell the person on the trial their rights.

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