The Outsiders movie Vs book

I love to read but I also enjoy watching movies it was hard to choose which one I liked for many reasons the movie stayed very true to the book

The Outsiders is a book based off the life of a greaser named Ponyboy yes that is his real name it says on his birth certificate and everything. he goes through quite a lot with his two older brothers Darry and Sodapop along with a few friends. the book starts off with a very obvious hatred between Greasers and Socs. To be a Soc you usually have to be from an upper class family and to the Socs greasers are white trash with a bad haircut or no good hoods who are only looking for trouble and nothing more. which isn't true the Socs were the ones who go around jumping the greasers just for the thrills. but that ended quickly after they chose to jump the wrong people. Ponyboy and his brothers were close but pony felt like Darry had it out for him always getting on him for not using his head in a bad situation. Darry got a little to mad during one of there arguments and struck Pony. Pony ran off to find his friend Johnny. Johnny had been jumped before and left in bad shape. He wasn't the same after that and carried around a knife for protection he vowed that he would kill the if the next soc that messed with him. That night as they walked to the park just to cool off the came face to face with a group of drunk Socs. The Socs grabbed Pony while saying "lets give this greaser a bath." and they dragged him to a nearby fountain as they tried to drown Pony Johnny pulled out his knife and stabbed one of the Socs. All the others ran away when pony wakes up from passing out he sees that Johnny had killed the soc. So they run to find their good friend Dally and ask for his help. I personally don't like to spoil the ending of books so i wont tell what happened, so you'll just have to read to.

There isn't that many differences between the book and the movie but the few differences are the fact that the the movie stared off like he was writing a story which is true in the book but he doesn't do it until the end. In the book it takes him longer to find out what he wants to write about.

I personally enjoyed the book more because I got to imagine how the story went unlike with the movie you kind of stick to what they give you.

Hinton,S.E,The Outsiders,Tulsa Oklahoma,Viking press,1967,print

The Outsiders,Francis Ford Coppola,American Zoetrope,1983,film


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