Heidi Book report

Briefly introduction

The book HeidiĀ was written by Johanna Spyri , who had written about 50 further children's stories, but none had the same success as Heidi. This is a book which can make readers feel happy and peaceful after reading.

The scene in the film Heidi

On the other hand, Heidi has been made into both a movie and a cartoon. After all, this is such a good story that worth spending time reading it.

Plot summary

The story begins with a meeting between Heidi and her grandfather.

As Heidi's Aunt Deta has decided to go to a big city for a better job, she leaves Heidi to stay with her grandfather. However, the grandfather is known as a bad-tempered old man. Many people think that Heidi is going to be destroyed by him.

Unexpectedly, Heidi and the grandfather get along very well. Both of them like each other very much. Besides, Heidi enjoys playing on the hill. She lives so happily. She even makes friends with the goat herder, Peter, and his grandmother.

But after a while, Aunt Deta comes to the mountains again. She takes Heidi away to live in Frankfurt to become a companion to the invalid daughter of a wealthy family.

Heidi is obliged to go away

Although Heidi also gets along well with this kind family, she soon yearns to be back in the fresh air of the mountains. She cannotĀ help herself missing her grandfather.

The invalid girl

Luckily, the wealthy family likes Heidi a lot and dicides to make Heidi happy. They plans a journey to the mountains.

The grandfather and the invalid girl

Amazingly, after living in the mountains for a while, the invalid girl is able to walk again! This is such a happy ending that makes every reader smile.


After reading this story, I was touched by Heidi's beautiful heart. She always takes care of the others and never complains. She makes all the people around her grin in happiness. Although she is a fictional character, I still believe that we have already become good friends.

If you have not read this book before, I highly recommend you to take a look of it. You may smell the perfume of flowers and hear the singing of birds when you are reading this book. If you have read this book already, I wish my book report can make a recall of your memory of this beautiful story.

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