Technology Lifehacks By: Naila Yazdani

With technology being one of the main forms of communication, it can be a struggle for many to navigate through it without having some easy shortcuts. Here are some simple hacks that can make your life easier when navigating through your devices.

CHanging tabs faster

This is a super simple hack that can be convenient for anyone. For people that always have a crazy amount of tabs open, it can be frustrating trying to find an individual tab so hopefully this can help.

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Delete files quickly

This is definitely a very convenient hack for individuals who constantly have files all over their desktop or have excess files for no reason. This hack will help out a lot of people and it's really easy to learn how to do and to understand.

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Browser/Gmail hacks

These browser hacks are really convenient for anyone in school or people that are gathering information about topics in general. WolframAlpha is great to get reliable information about any topic and with PDFescape, one can modify any pdf document and then save it. Navigating through emails can be tough so with this image hack, it'll make life so much easier for anyone who can never find old email attachments quickly.

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