Sit-in's By: joshua Padilla

Background info

What lead to this event happening?

African Americans wanted segregation to ends so they started non-violent protest like marching and standing with signs and in this case sitting in a restaurant in a white only section .

When and where did this happen?

This started Feb. 1, 1960 when four college students sat at a white-only lunch counter in Greensboro, North Dakota

Goal of the Event

What was the event trying to accomplish?

Sit-ins organizers believed that if the white community were the only ones causing violence the world would see the quality of their cause. The main point of it was to end segregation.

Who was involved?

Demographics (what type of people were involved)?

Most of the people involved were African Americans and African American college students.

What important people were involved in your event and how did they impact the event?

Martin Luther king gave these college students inspiration from his non-violent approach to protesting.

Obstacles they had to overcome

What kind of obstacles were these groups facing?

They had to sit in one spot and not move and if someone started throwing food at him/her they should stay and not move and if someone hits them just to roll into a ball on the floor and once the police arrested the protester another protester shall walk in and sit and most likely the same will happen to him/her.

How did they overcome these obstacles?

They didn't really overcome these obstacles but they held their strength through it until they got what they wanted.

Outcome/Lasting impact of the event

How did this event impact today / What are the lasting effects?

This event impacted today's world because now segregation is illegal and everybody is equal and have equal restaurants, restrooms, schools, etc.

Modern Inequality

What modern day inequality or event can you connect your Civil Rights Event to?

Democrats continue gun control sit-in after House adjourns

How is that modern inequality/injustice similar to your Civil Rights Movement Event?

This event is similar to the civil rights sit-in because these people stayed sitting in one place until they got what they wanted. These people sat down on the house floor to vote on gun legislation.


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Joshua Padilla



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