Outside My Window Ashley Scherer

The bark of the tree that is in front of my house. I wanted to see if there were any changes to it throughout the semester and there wasn't very much change. The algae and bark stayed the same color, it may look different though due to the time that the photos were taken.
Looking up at the tree, the leaves began to appear as spring moved forward. It begins with dead branches with no color then transitions into a beautiful lime green array of leaves. It is amazing the difference between a picture taken in the winter compared to a picture that was taken in the spring.
Our ugly, patchy grass as finally grown into a forest green lawn. The dandelions began to spring up and the leaves all blew away. The two latest pictures where after all of the rain that we had the past few weeks. The ground needed the moisture in order to turn brown into green.
Created By
Ashley Scherer


Created with images by Mzlle - "forest landscape sun"

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