3D Design Los Gatos High School

Welcome to 3D Design! We are one of the newest Electives Programs on LGHS campus and are striving to incorporate old school art sculpture mediums with new and modern tools. This course will have students critically thinking through art! Students will be working with a wide range of mediums, furthering their materials knowledge and thinking creatively while building skills of how those materials can be used to create art! Some of these mediums are: polymer clay, stained glass, 3D printing, 3D pens and much more. We will be making beautiful art, but also will be learning skills that are applicable to professions in manufacturing, fabrication, engineering, architecture, and industrial design.

Is there a 3D Design II? Why yes, there is! In 3D Design II , we continue our "maker based" art, while also exploring different mediums such as LED Sculpture, Paper Sculpting, Sterling Silver Jewelry, and Virtual Reality Sculpting.

Examples Of Projects:

Candy Monster Project
After A Field Trip To Lolli and Pops, Students Sculpt Their Projects From Polymer Clay!
3D Pen Cacti!
More Cacti!

In 3D Design II, we explore LED lights and engraving on plexiglass for light sculptures!

Please Check Out More 3D Design Awesomeness on Instagram @LGHS3DDesign!

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