Gems of Wisdom Mrs.Adkins Isaiah Palsgrove

Mrs.Adkins teaches 4th grade social studies and language arts at Cookson Elementary.
Some of the major tasks Mrs.Adkins has to take care or are to create lesson plans that meet Ohio Common Core alighned standards, instructing students in Language Arts and Social Studies, and working cooperatively with other teachers.
Mrs.Adkins consults with her aid, the Title One reading teacher, and other fourth grade teachers when she needs help reaching her students.
Teachers are required to teach the Ohio Standards. Troy City Schools has guidelines that teachers have to adhere to as professionals. Everything is spelled out for teachers in their contracts.
Two main qualities that help Mrs.Adkins with her job are being flexible and understanding. Teachers must be able to improvise, carry-on, and persevere with the many disruptions that can occur on any given day.
Mrs.Adkins believes that the most important things a teacher should be able to do are to be a good listener and have compassion for others. The reason she believes this is because some students may have issues at home that can interfere with their learning.
One thing Mrs.Adkins wished she had known before going into teaching is how much time lesson planning and grading took. She mentioned that she spends a lot of time outside of school grading and lesson planning.
Teachers must have a licence in order to teach. Mrs.Adkins has a permanent teaching licence from over 15 years ago. The state of Ohio no longer issues permanent teaching licences. Mrs.Adkins does not recall how exactly to aquire a licence.
Mrs.Adkins shares that her favorite part of teaching is being able to help and watch her students succeed.
If she had to change anything about her job, MrsAdkins said that it would be the class size. She believes that 25 students in a class is just too much. Trying to teach the rigorous standards to everyone at different paces is too much.


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