Isaiahs call center By: isaiah neal

The population in India is 1,251,695,584. They are ranked 3rd in the world. India is ranked second in the world for urban population. The cities are populated because there are call centers and a lot of other jobs. The population is growing and there are more jobs that will be filled b cause of the population growing. There will still be call centers but most jobs would be filled. There are 346 airports and the are used everyday. For people leaving and people coming in. The children at age 16-18 they volunteer to be in the army, navy, Air Force, and cost guard. 20% percent of India works at its call centers. A guy pays $900 for his classes to work in the call centers. But the people have to have an education. They expectancy rate for children in school is 12 years. Indias birth rate is 19.3 but the death rate is 7.3.

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