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When I think of war I think of people attacking for no reason. War makes me feel sad and lonely.

Uneasy or like they couldn't trust their own country because they're attacks and wars that the Army and Government should keep out. I believe this because I think that's what the Government and Army are for.


Kind, caring, and neighborly. In my experience neighbors are nice and friendly.

I would go hide and start crying a lot!!!!!!

Number The Stars

World War 11 and about Jews being held captive. The conflicts of everything that's happening. How horrible and terrifying it would be, to be in that situation.

Literary Analysis

1. Mama says, "Be one of many." I think this means to say in with the crowd and to stay with others, don't be by yourself. To ly low and don't stand out from everybody else.

2. Mama's saying this because she wants her children to be safe and to not be targeted by the soldier's on the corners. If the soldier's maybe were to need someone familiar to do something for them Mama doesn't want her children to be those people. I also think she says this to honestly protect her children.

"Well,' Annemarie said slowly, "now i think that all of Denmark must be a bodyguard for the Jews, as well." (page 25)

If Denmark were a bodyguard for the Jews they would have their people walk with the Jews wherever they go and protect them. They could help the Jews by giving them food and money since some of the Jews stores closed due to the Germans. They could also help the Jews hide if they needed to in case the Germans were going to attack.

1. Annemarie was laying in bed thinking if she really want to be a body guard for the Jews? Did she really want to sacrifice herself for them? She also felt that she would never have to even be a body guard for them.

2. Her feeling were very, very different they went from: I'm not sure, would that even happen to me to- Yes i will fight for them with my life. Also in chapter 3 Annemarie showed fear in chapter 5 she showed courage and strength.

3. Ellen could have been caught, but right then Annemarie made that choice of would she protect the Jews? When Annemarie ripped off the necklace it showed how much Ellen means to her and that she will do anything not to lose her. The imprint symbolized Annemarie's protection over Ellen.


We just read.... Peter stopped by late at night to tell them about whats happening and to talk about the secret newspaper. He told them that the Germans are tormenting the Jews by closing their stores, that's why the button shop was closed.

Therefore, I predict that .... I have a slight feeling that Peter is going to get caught and he might get captured. When and If the Germans attack they will attack and attack the Jews.

We just read....Mama, Kristi, Annemarie, Ellen went to uncle Henrik's house to get out of the city and be more safe. Mama and Henrik made up a lie about a great-aunt dying. Ellen's parents come back!!!!!!!!

Therefore i predict that...... The Germans are going to find out about the Jews being hid away. They are going to try to execute the Jews then they might capture Annemarie and her family because they hid Ellen's family.Then this is their plan to escape from the Germans.... If or once the Germans find Ellen's family they are going to try and escape to Sweden across the body of water next to uncle Henrik's house.

We just read….Annemarie’s mom to the Rosen’s to the place where uncle Henrik was waiting to take everyone to Sweden. Annemarie was waiting for her mom to come home and she was supposed to come home at 3:30 while Annemarie was waiting she fell asleep. When she woke up it was 4:00, she didn’t see her mom so she checked all of the rooms and she went in Kirsti’s room and saw a moving figure outside through the window, it was her mom. When she got to her mom she saw that she had broke her ankle while they were sitting on the steps they found the important paper Mr.Rosen was supposed to give Henrik, so Annemarie rushed in the house and grabbed a basket and hurried down the wooded path the Henrik. When she was almost there she was stopped by soldiers……..

Therefore I predict that……. Since Annemarie got stopped I think the soldier will take the basket and look at the mysterious paper, then something will either happen to Annemarie or the soldiers will go looking for Henrik and the others.


Man vs Man

This conflict happened in the scene where Annmarie was going to give Uncle Henrik the very important secret envelope. Annmarie had a basket with Uncle Henrik's (lunch) in it with the secret envelope at the bottom. While she was walking in the forest, she got stopped by 3 soldiers with 2 dogs. Once the soldiers saw she had a basket they took it and peeked around inside of it. When the soldier got to the envelope he opened it but all he saw was an handkerchief.

Annemarie learned that what Uncle Henrik says is true (if you don't know then you're braver than if you did). In my opinion if Annmarie knew what the handkerchief was for, then she might not have pretend to be a little silly girl, but she would've been frightened.

I know this is a man vs man conflict because there was conflict between a person and another person that caused disruption.

Man vs Himself

This conflict happened when Annemarie's Dad asked her if she was going to be a bodyguard for Denmark's Jews.

By Annemarie making a choice that night when she saved Ellen by ripping her necklace off, proves that Annemarie learned she has to put all Jews before herself to keep them safe.

I know this is a man vs himself conflict because Annmarie had to make a decision and making a decision is an example of this type of conflict.

Man vs Society

There was an example of this conflict in the book when soldiers were on every corner and street searching for Jews to capture.

Once the soldiers started doing that everyone learned they had to keep a low profile and tried not to be noticed.

I know this is a man vs society conflict because there are many soldiers so they relate to the society and the Jews are the ''man''. The Soldiers are making it happen that is what makes them the society.

Man vs Nature

In the book it portrayed man vs nature when Mrs.Johansen was coming back from getting the Rosen's to safety. She was rushing trying to get home to her children when she tripped over a tree root.

Mrs.Johansen learned that she needs to be more careful and take her time.

I know that is is an example of man vs nature because a tree root is something that no one but mother nature can control. The root of trees grow so no one has a specific knowing of when and how the tree is going to grew because it is a part of nature.


Never Give up, Fight

Never give up to me means that if you're in a tough situation or a life or death situation you don't run away from it, stay strong and fight.

In the beginning of the book, Annemarie showed an example of this theme when she ripped Ellen's necklace off of her to save her from being caught. She could've just let Ellen keep it on and she would have gotten caught, but no she fought.

At the end of the book, Mrs.Johansen took the Rosen's in the middle of the night when it was pitch black to Uncle Henrik's boat. Instead she could've said it's to hard there are too many soldiers, just give up. Well no Mrs.Johansen decided to fight and not give up, so she took Ellen's family and got them to safety while risking her own life.

Vocabulary Words

Lanky and stocky

"She was a stocky ten-year-old, unlike lanky Annemarie." (page 1)

Based on this sentence, lanky and stocky have opposite meanings. I also know they are body types because of the description of the race.

Lanky: Tall and skinny- Stocky: Big and thick built

Suffix: -y, relating to or filled with; Other words: messy, cheesy, lucky


"But Annemarie heard Mama and Papa talk, sometimes a night, about the news they received that way: news of sabotage against the Nazis, bombs hidden and exploded in the factories that produced war materials, and industrial railroad lines damaged so that the goods couldn't be transported." (page 8)

Based on this sentence, it interprets that sabotage means to destroy and destruct something or someone on purpose. When the sentence said bombs i automatically thought destroy.

Sabotage- To ruin or destroy something on purpose.


"Stand still, Kristi, Annemarie ordered silently, praying that somehow the obstinate five-year-old would receive the message." (page 4)

Based on this sentence, I infer that obstinate means stubborn because when someone asks someone do to something and they are hoping they will listen, in my mind it means they're stubborn.

Obstinate- Stubborn


""Wait for me!" wailed little Kristi, left behind, but the two older girls weren't listening." (page 2)

Since that girl that was screaming was left behind, i think that wailed means to scream loudly or a scream/cry, because the "wait for me" part has an exclamation mark and since the older girl weren't listening the sentence makes me believe that wailed means to cry loudly.

Wailed- To scream or cry loudly.


"Three years, Annemarie thought with contempt." (page 3)

Based on this sentence, I sense that contempt means serious or deeply thinking, because just the word contempt and how it is used in the sentence makes me believe that she thought thoroughly and seriously.

Contempt- Disgust or disapproval


""My little sister." She reached down for Kristi's hand, but Kristi, always stubborn, refused it and put her hands on her hips defiantly." (page 4)

Based on this sentence I think that defiant means rudely, or disobeying, because when someone puts their hands on their hips it is not very good and i think of that being disrespectful.

Defiant- Disobey


"Thinking of Lise, her solemn, lovely sister, always made her sad." (page 13)

Based on this sentence I believe solemn means happy or kind, because she is talking about her sister and the lovely part really makes me feel that solemn means happy or delighted.

Solemn- Serious


"Ellen and Annemarie both smiled tentatively." (page 50)

Based on this sentence I think that tentative means sadly or suspicious, because when it added a word after smiled that makes me think it wasn't a happy smile.

Tentative- Unsure/nervous


"It was so a long since they had dared to use the strictly rationed electricity after dark that the light in the room was startling to Annemarie, watching through the slightly opened bedroom door." (page 43)

Based on this passage I believed Ration means bright, because of when Annemarie said it startled her.

Ration- A limited supply of something


"Ellen stood on tiptoe again, and made an imperious gesture with her arm." (page 39)

Based on this passage I think imperious means, gentle/majestic, because when i think about someone standing on their tiptoes and making a gesture with their arm i think of it being gentle and majestic.

Imperious- A leader who abuses his/her power


"She looked down, and saw that she had imprinted the Star of David into her palm." (page 49)

Based on this sentence I infer that Imprint means it made a print in something, because the sentence is pretty straight forward of what imprint means.

Imprint- To make a nark or sketch on something/leave a mark

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