My AGP Digital Me: Digital Portfolios Learning Journal: Spring 2017

Class 1 Learning Journal

Behance Portfolio

For Digital Me :

Behance Portfolio

Video Link Introduction

Above is my Introduction Video. It was a bit tough creating a statement on branding. I do feel it connects to image/ creating a visual and text image of oneself or one's business.

Here is my Behance Portfolio (created prior to this course and it contains photographs)

​Here is my Behance Portfolio (created prior to this course and it contains photographs) Here is my Behance Portfolio (created prior to this course and it currently contains photography). I look forward to developing a portfolio project during this course.

April 2017

Headshot for Class 1 Assignment

Behance Link

With this project I used Photoshop. I utilized the patch tool, camera raw filter to remove spots, and the vignette application inside of camera raw. I also worked with creating a headshot with good lighting placing myself in front of one of my artworks. I used a timer on my Nikon camera with speedflash to take the photograph. After editing, I sized the headshot to around 404 x 404 for social media purposes.

For learners we would have a photography session with cell phones. Then within a computer lab work with editing headshots and including good descriptive information on what creates a good headshot along with composition information. A link to the Vimeo video could also be included so students will be able to follow along.

Class 2 Resume with InDesign

Class 2 Learning Journal

Creating a resume in InDesign was an experience to learn from. Each aspect, from placing images, using masking, creating color swatches were new to me and challenging. However, the control one can acquire within InDesign is thrilling.

I discovered it difficult to change colors and also use stroke colors. For some reason, it was not as intuitive as Photoshop or Illustrator where I have greater experience and am able to compare.

Creating a short visual resume is something I have not done before. I plan to create a more complete one in the future using the methods and techniques I learned in Class 2.

Applications for students are numerous. Many are going out into the job market and by creating a short, to the point, resume with a visual layout to apply for design work and/or creative work is of utmost importance. Currently my students create a portfolio of work but never a resume. Adding this exercise will round out their creation of a portfolio experience.

My takeaways from this assignment are learning how to use the place image, masking technique with incorporating my headshot. Additional takeaways are locating color swatches and bringing them in to InDesign. Creative application of InDesign with a visual resume is much more clean and professional than using other applications.

Also learning about how to plan and create a successful resume was so important. Clearly stated instructions, a great Live Class, and more all contributed greatly to my understanding.

Behance Link

Assignment Resume for Class 3

Class 3 learning journal


Please follow me and I will follow you back!

Behance page – scroll down to class 3.

This was a great project and gave me opportunity to develop my logo and header for my new Twitter page connected with my photography. The live class was excellent and I am sure to review multiple times. I so appreciate the multiple speakers/presenters who are so willing to share. Thank you!

The logo was challenging and also fun. I learned about developing a gradient in Illustrator and more. I plan to work with this more. I think next time around I may create a square logo so that it does not have the white border behind the round logo.

Social Media is quite important today and students will be able to learn about developing their brand as artists and designers using these processes. This project could be used in conjunction with the portfolio assignment.

New ideas and understandings connected with this Class 3 are regarding aspects of color coordination with header images and logos to create a solid identity. I plan to also develop a Facebook account connected with my Photography next.

Logo for Ryn Arnold Photography
Header Image for Twitter

Class 4 Learning Journal

Key takeaways are to understand how easy it is to keep a current and updated portfolio, use the Behance website and MyPortfolio to promote and share one’s work, knowing some creative practices with developing an online portfolio and incorporating ideas from the class videos and the live class. Everything so excellent.

This was a good project – I created a new portfolio of my Yosemite photographs in My Portfolio. I did have some frustration however . When I sent my portfolio project into Behance, it linked all of my Behance projects into My Portfolio which I did not want. I’ll check to see if I can figure it out later on without deleting any in the Behance but currently it does not feel as if that is possible. If anyone can assist me with this, would love. My design sensibilities cause me to not appreciate scrolling portfolios although I recognize it is a standard format.

It was very easy to come up with an idea as I have been wishing to upload these into a portfolio. Video in the classroom would be fantastic – and using the video presentations on creating a portfolio will be helpful in the classroom.

I would love to be able to do more editing within the templates and control how my name appears at the top and the myportfolio URL for clearer identity.

Class 5 Learning Journal

Assessment Video Link of a drawing portfolio

Assessment Video Link of an Online Portfolio.

With this, I have created a video assessment of students’ drawings which were to use the technique of chiaroscuro – a soft shading and blending technique. These are from past students to create a sense of anonymity in this public assessment.

I ask for suggestions in improving this assessment technique. Should I remove the music? Create more objectives? Please send any additional ideas as well. Thank you.

I feel adobe spark video is a great feedback tool. For non-public assessments one would need to download and then upload the mp4.

The Digital Me process and course has been great! It has clarified many things – such as portfolios, what is required on resumes, and how to use video to give feedback on students’ works. The idea of integrating technology into as much as possible for teaching is so important. It provides a model for students’ to embrace.

The assignment, which was most challenging for me, was the designing a resume in InDesign. This most likely is because I am less familiar with InDesign as other applications. I hope that in the near future InDesign will have its own online course!

Live class 5 was excellent! It gave me greater understanding on possible assessment formats and creative applications. Also the information on how much is too much to include in an assessment was a message that came across in subtle ways yet very important. Being able to examine ePortfolios that were being assessed made the information even more clear.

A question that comes up is in using Adobe Spark video for assessments – what methods and process can be used to keep them private. It is a great platform to use yet downloading and uploading files to students might take a bit of bandwidth.

Key takeaways with week 5 were to experiment with Adobe Video to give live assessments. The demonstrations on assessments also were invaluable.

Class 6 Learning Journal Final Reflection

To create this short reflection I draw upon key points in my learning journal.

This course covers so many aspects of creating a digital identity plus gives methods and criteria for doing so. It also gave great experiential learning with multiple Adobe products.

I was so glad to learn how to use the patch tool to create a cool headshot. And I am so glad to begin developing a MyPortfolio location.

Tips for creating a short resume are very helpful.

All of these things and more will be passed along to my students in coming days, coming weeks, and coming years.

Thank you Adobe team and instructors for such a great class!!!!

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