SS Ch. 11 Lesson 1: War Clouds Gather By: Weston Lundell

1. Adolf hitler wrote a book called Mein Kampf ("My Struggle")

2. He wrote that book after he was thrown in prison for a year for leading an uprising to take over the German government

3. He named his supporting party the "Nazis". They came upon the seen right when the Great Depression hit Germany hard because they thought people might support them more than other times.

4. He believed that dictatorship was a better form of government than politics

5. Hitler was one of the several ruthless leaders who came into power in the 1920's and 1930's.

6. He took advantage of public anger and distress.

7. There were problems in the German government at the time and the people wanted something different.

8. He believed in anti-semitism - hatred of Jews, which led to unspeakable horrors.

9. Totalitarian - is a state in which leaders crush all opposition and totally control all aspects of society.

10. Hitler believed that Germany deserved a right to dominate other nations and had a right to expand as well. He broke the Versailles treaty and rebuilt the military and soon made other bad choices.


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