Escape into Pictures Originally created for Children's Book week 2017 'Escape to Everywhere'

Illustrations by

Claire Richards

I use watercolour for the final illustrations!

We can escape into books, read the stories and make up our own stories from looking at the pictures.

This is Jack and Mia. They were sick in bed but could still go on adventures because they had books.

You can make illustrations that look like you can ESCAPE into them!

This will be using a drawing technique called 'perspective'

But first I'm going to share some secret cartooning trips!

  1. Fold your page in half
  2. Draw a horizon
  3. Draw hills in the distance
  4. Add a triangle to the middle, this will be a road or 'perspective in your story
  5. Draw animals up close and far away
Created By
Claire Richards


Escape to Everywhere: Drawing Picture Books with Perspective

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