Order of Insects Kyndall Shamblin


Butterflies and Moths

Fact 1. Moths and butterflies undergo a complete life cycle that includes four stages: egg, caterpillar (larvae), pupae and adult.

Fact 2. "Most larvae of moths and butterflies are herbivores either eating foliage or wood, but some are carnivorous cannibalising other caterpillars or feeding on soft bodied insects such as scale or ant larvae."


True Bugs

Fact 1. "Most hemipterans feed on plants, using their sucking and piercing mouthparts to extract plant sap."

Fact 2. "They live in a wide variety of habitats, generally terrestrial, though some species are adapted to life in or on the surface of fresh water."



Dragonflies and Damseflies

Fact 1. "Some adult dragonflies live for only a few weeks while others live up to a year."

Fact 2. "Some scientists theorize that high oxygen levels during the Paleozoic era allowed dragonflies to grow to monster size."




Fact 1. "They appear in every corner of the world, in every kind of habitat but are not known to occur in the sea or in the polar regions."

Fact 2. "Coleoptera come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.



Bees, Ants, and Wasps

Fact 1. "Bees, ants and wasps have chemoreceptors for taste and smell on their antennae as well as on their mouthparts."

Fact 2. "One third of the food eaten by humans comes directly or indirectly from crops pollinated by bees."



Grasshopper and Crickets

Fact 1. "The forewings are narrower than the hind wings and hardened or leathery at the base."

Fact 2. "Grasshoppers have relatively short antennae while crickets and katydids generally have long antennae."




Fact 1. "Mantises are an order of insects that contains over 2,400 species in about 430 genera in 15 families."

Fact 2. "Legs are actually raised so that they can be used to grasp any prey that strays close to the mantis. "



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