Digital Photography By: Timothy Song

This was my first Abstract photo and I really liked how the color popped from the center of the photo and faded out.
This is another one of my abstract photos I really liked the vibrant blue color that runs through this photo
This was my last Abstract photo that I edited and it wasn't as I wanted it but I really like working with the bokeh shapes
This was my first documentary photo and I couldn't really do anything with it but I thought it was fine
This was my second documentary photo and I really liked how this photo came out of a group working
I liked how the camera blurred out the background so you would focus on the two people in the front
i really liked how the vibrant colors mashed into each other and somewhat merged
I really liked how the colors were similar and blended together
I liked the blue colored theme and the streaks of white
I really liked how the background was just absolute white
I really liked using the mirrors however I didn't like how I had to use multiple and therefore I had the edges of mirrors
i really liked the white background and the font of the text
I liked how everything was blurred out except for the face and so you could focus on that person
I liked the change in colors and the spotlight function that I used
I really liked how the face was the only part you could focus on because everything around it was blurry
I really like the colors of this photo and the filter I used
I really liked the old time feeling filter
I really liked the bright gold strands on the mirror and in the picture
I really liked how cool this looked and how realistic this looked
this was my second perspective photo and I really liked the different filters
this was my last perspective photo and I really liked how realistic this looks
This was one of my most challenging photos but I really like the layout of the writing and the titles

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