Bio Chapter 29 By luke ROnayne

Central Nervous System - nerve tissues that control the body
Peripheral Nervous System - the nervous system outside the brain
Somatic Nervous System - associated with voluntary control of the body
Autonomic Nervous System - controls automatic functions, such as breathing, or heartbeats
Sensory Neurons - nerve cells that convert stimuli to internal electrical impulses
Interneuron - transmits pulses between other neurons
Motor Neurons - in the spinal cord, controls our muscles and glands
Neuromuscular junction - formed by contact by a motor neuron and a muscle fiber. Helps transmit a signal to the muscle fiber
Acetylcholine - a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals
Norepinephrine and Epinephrine- drugs that help treat the heart
Synapse - a junction between two nerve cells
White Matter - nerve cells that connect gray matter. Grey Matter - composed of neuronal cell bodies and unmyelinated axons.
Cerebral cortex - the outer layer of the cerebrum
Limbic System - part of the brain that controls many things

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