Body Systems! jackie torres!

The nervous is made by the brain spinal cord and nervous there are 1 billion move sels. The brain has the power of thought and understood.

In each of everyone we all have a complex machine a power station. You can evaporate it you just need to drink and eat most mood stays there for 2 to 6 hours. The foods tums squeeze and glim to a thick place called cim.

They fail 99 to our chest they are made with tiny branching area every long works the same way. Every time you breath the both muscles pull back were you breath out you make the longs rest the air you breath enters the body thru the mouth and nose.

The muscular is responsible for the movements of the human body. Each of these muscles is a discrete organ constructed of skeletal muscle tissue.

The adult human skeletal system constructed of 206 bones. Support movements protection, blood cell production calcium storage and endocrine regulation that enable us to survive.


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