Step by step instructions for choosing a college by: samantha thompson

Step 1: Talk to your parents about whether going to a school close-to-home, a couple hours away, or an out-of-state school
Step 2: Talk to your parents aboht your financial situation (who is going to be paying for college?)
Step 3: Make a list of schools that you would potentially want to attend (target, reach, and safety schools)
Step 4: Research the schools on your list, find amswers to some of the questions you may have, make a list of further questions not answered on the websites
Step 5: Sign up to recieve emails from your potential colleges to stay in the loop. Email an admissions advisor if you have any further questions about the application process
Step 6: Try to make visits to your potential schools so you can experience the enviornment and decide whether this would be a place you would like to attend or not
Step 7: Start to narrow down your options, then when the time comes, decide which school would be the best fit for you and start the application process

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