Colors of The Book Thief by: sami kate

Prologue: A Mountain of Rubble

actions: Talks about all the different times he sees the book thief.

Characters: death, the book thief, woman (mother), boy (brother)

Color: charcoal gray- This color expresses the tone of this section which is detached. It's hard to understand deaths real attitude toward the book thief when he hasn't actually met her.

quote #1:"Snowflakes of ash fell so lovelily you were tempted to streach out your toung and catch them, taste them. Only that they would have scortched your lips. Thet would've burned your mouth" (13).

quote #1 commentary: The image is sad but hopeful because it's shows the beauty in death. It portrays that the grey ashes that come from destruction is falling beautifully.

quote #2: "she dropped the book and knelt. The book thief howled" (14).

quote #2 commentary: The young girl has lost all of her family and it seems death is too much a part of her life. It relates to the color by her being distant from her family and her emotions.

photo credits: SamI Kate Kickert

Part 1: The Gravedigger's Handbook

actions: Liesel arrives at her new foster home, she meets Rudy Steiner and you learn about each person's character. Liesel starts to learn how to read.

Color: blue- This color can portray sadness and distance from something or someone, but it can also demonstrate moving forward from a situation.

quote #1: " 'She's going to kill me.' She, of course, being Rosa Huberman, also known as mama, and she very nearly did kill her. The word Saumensch featured heavily in the administration of punishment. She made a mincemeat out of her"(55).

quote #1 commentary: when this girl gets a new family she expects love and warmth, but gets pain and suffering at first.

quote #2: "In the left corner of an upturned piece of sandpaper, he drew a square of perhaps an inch and shoved a capital A inside it. In the corner he placed a lowercase one. So far, so good" (67).

quote #2 commentary: a new dad teaching Leisel how to write shows his loving character

Part 2: The Sholder Shrug

actions: papa teachers Liesel how to roll a cigarette, Liesel writes letters to her mom, the second book is stolen from a fire.

color: grey- Grey is, at most times, symbolic of sadness or despair. In this excerpt from the book Liesel tries to contact her mom, holding on to the last bit of home she has. With no response from her birth mother, it makes the mood sad.

quote #1: "Against all hopelessness, Liesel still checked the mailbox each afternoon, throughout March and well into April. This was despite a Hans- requested visit from Frau Heinrich, who explained to the Hubermans that the foster care office had lost contact completely with Paula Memenger" (101).

quote #1 commentary: an empty mailbox getting open and closed everyday makes the mood of this chapter sad and detached.

quote #2: "As Liesel would discover, a good thief requires many things. Stealth. Nerve. Speed. More important than all of those things, however, was one final requirement. Luck" (117).

quote #2 commentary: Liesel should not have learned how to steal so early in life, but it ends up being what shapes her into who she is.

Part 3: Mein Kampf

actions: Liesel takes all the laundry runs for her mother now, the mayor's wife lets Liesel see her library, Rudy and Leisels friendship grow when they steal together

color: red- Red is sometimes portrayed as a violent color, but it can also be seen as exciting. This chapter is very fast-moving and exciting, which is why red is a good representation for it.

quote #1: "She was holding a tower of books against her stomach, from her navel to the beginnings of her breasts. She looked so vulnerable in the monstrous doorway. Long, light eyelashes and just the slightest twinge of an expression. A suggestion. Come and see, it said" (133).

quote #1 commentary: Ilsa gives a young girl the opportunity to read and to love words, that ends up saving her life

quote #2:"That afternoon, before the retuned home, Liesel and Rudy consumed six apples apiece within half an hour" (153).

quote #2 commentary: Liesel and her best friend, Rudy, become closer to each other through each experience they have together

Part 4: The Standover Man

action: the story of how Hans obtained the accordion, the promise to keep Max a secret, the first gift Max gives to Liesel.

color: brown- Other than grey, brown can also be a representation of the past. In this part of the book, we learn the past of Hans, Max, and Max's dad.

quote #1 "Max remained hidden from the world in another empty room. Until the inevitable... now he sat in a strangers kitchen, asking for help he craved and suffering the condemnation he felt he deserved" (196).

quote #1 commentary: both of these men are hungry, only one is running for his life. This chapters mood is anxiety because you don't know what might happen next

quote #2: "Now I think we are friends, this girl and me. On her birthday it was she who gave a gift to me" (235).

quote #2 commentary: This is the start of a friendship that lasts through many difficulties and a long time away from each other

Part 5: The Whistler

actions: we learn more about Rudy and his life, Liesel cuts Max's hair, Liesel steals The Whistler from the mayors house, Rudy saves it from the river

color: white- White portrays thing going smoothly, and this part is one of the most smooth sections in the story because nothing goes wrong without it being fixed quickly (Rudy rescuing the book).

quote #1: "'You think' she said, 'you can buy me off with this book?'... Immediately her brother was next to her. He whispered for her to stop, but he, too, was dead, and not worth listening to" (262).

quote #1 commentary: Liesel shows a different side of herself here when she yells at Ilsa for firing her mother, we also see her brother come back as her conscience.

quote #2: "'How about a kiss, Saumensch?' he stood waist-deep in the water for anfew moments longer before climbing out and handing her the book" (303).

quote #2 commentary: Rudy loves Liesel and does all that he can for her. Shows his character is caring and loving and patient.


Part 6: The Dream Carrier

actions: Liesel, Papa, Mama, and Max all build a snowman in the basement before Max gets sick, while they worry about what they will do if he dies

color: black- While Max is sick, each family member is feeling the sadness of someone they might lose, it also alex them nervous because if they were to be searched by the german leaders they would have a hard time moving Max.

quote #1: "As soon as the snow was transferred, Max shivered and laughed, but he still didn't open his eyes. He only gave the snow a quick taste, allowing it to sink into its lips... It was the beginning of the best Christmas ever. Little food. No presents. But there was a snowman in their basement" (312).

quote #1 commentary: this is a time when a fond memory comes along when there is so many sad and bad ones.

quote #2: "A Jewish corpse was a major problem. The Hubermanns needed to revive Max Vandanburg not only for his sake, but got their own" (329).

quote #2 commentary: This is when we see the truth that what they are doing can become even worse than it already is, and how they handle it shows their loving character.

Part 7: The Complete Duden Dictionary and Thesaurus

actions: The first sirens go off for everybody to get into their bomb shelters and Liesel starts readings everyone , Jews pass by, and people want to take Rudy

color: red- Red is a symbol of anticipation, and in this part there is a lot of waiting in bomb shelters.

quote #1: "Twenty-two people crammed themselves into it… The muffled sound of sirens leaked from somewhere" (373).

quote #1 commentary: when the sirens go off for the first time the nerves get to everyone, this excerpt helps the readers experience the anxiety for themselves

quote#2: "The Jew stood before him, expecting another handful of desertion, but he watched with everyone else as Hans Huberman held his hand out and presented a piece of bread like magic" (394).

quote #2 commentary: The character of Hans Hubermann is so loving that he will risk his life to save another, and doesn't care who is watching

Part 8: The Word Shaker

actions: Two soldiers want to take Rudy, but the Steiners refuse and both Rudy's dad and Leisel's dad have to go to war, Max gives Liesel a book he wrote.

color: red- Red represents tension and anticipation as well as excitement. In this part of the novel, there is a lot of tension and nervousness when we find many of the characters going to the war.

quote #1: "On Friday a statement arrived to say that Hans Huberman was to be drafted into the German army" (417).

quote #1 commentary: this life-changing letter makes the mood of this chapter worrisome because you don't expect it to come

quote #2: "'It wouldn't stop growing,' she explained. 'But neither with this.' The young man looked at the branch that held his hand. He had a point" (450).

quote #2 commentary: the word shaker from Max shows not only the friendship they have but helps to realize what he sees in Liesel and helps her to get more ideas for writing.

Part 9: The Last Human Stranger

actions: Liesel realized her brother will never age, Papa has an accident that forces him to come back home, a plane crashes and Rudy gives his stuffed bear for the dying American soldier

colors: yellow- This section is fast-moving and exciting, which is expressed by the color yellow

quote #1: "She smiled and smiled, and when it all came out she walked home and her brother never climbed into her sleep again" (473).

quote #1 commentary: This is a significant part of Leisel's growing up throughout the book, it shows hope which is portrayed by the color yellow.

quote #2: "'He's coming home Mama. Papa's coming home." (479).

quote #2 commentary: Liesel and Mama are overjoyed and thankful for what they have just learned. Again, this portrays the color yellow.


Part 10: The Book Thief

actions: Ilsa gives Liesel her 'little black book' so Liesel can begin writing, there is a bombing on Himmel street and Leisel was the only survivor

color: black- This color is chosen because everyone is now gone from Liesel's life, making her heart hollow, there is nothing left but Hans' accordion.

quote #1: "She handed the book to Liesel with both hands. 'You can certainly write. You write well" (523).

quote #1 commentary: This exchange shows Liesel's life moving forward, but will soon portray a gift that saves her life.

quote #2: "She leaned down and looked at his lifeless face and Liesel kissed her best friend, Rudy Steiner, soft and true on his lips" (536).

quote #2 commentary: This is a sad, black moment because it was all that Rudy wanted but he was not alive to share it with her.

Epilogue: The Last Color

actions: Liesel dies

color: yellow- Yellow, as mentioned before, is most commonly expressed with happiness. In the last section of the book, Liesel finds out what happened to her book and death gets to meet her.

quote #1: "She died in a suburb in Sydney. The house number was forty-five - the same as the Fiedlers' shelter- and the sky was the best blue of an afternoon. Like her Papa, her soul was sitting up" (543).

quote #1 commentary: Liesel's soul is sitting up, prepared to be taken. This shows the joy and love in her heart as she overcame all the tragedy in her life.

quote #2: "All I was able to do was turn to Liesel Memenger and tell her the only truth I know. I said it to the book thief and I say it now to you... 'I am haunted by humans'" (550).

quote #2 commentary: This shows the significance of having death narrate the story. Without deaths take on humans, we would not have experienced the book and the actions as we would have if we were reading it from Liesels perspective.


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