Remix of Bo Bartlett By: Emily KAUFman-bell

Bo Bartlett was born in Columbus, GA on December 25, 1955. As a young man, he moved to Florence, Italy to continue his studies. When he was 20 he had his first son, Will, and then moved to Philadelphia to study at Philadelphia College of Art. He broadened his studies to anatomy and liberal arts. In 1986, he received his certificate in film-making from NYU and was named "Best Artist in Philly." In 1988 he created his P-P-O-W Gallery which was the first solo exhibit in New York.
This work is a painting that has mainly warm colors with a cool color sky to help balance it out. It seems to be dusk - which emphasizes the mysterious mood. I get a feeling of symmetry in this image because the main subject is standing in the middle of the image with other subjects on either side. Texture can be seen in the clothes, which give the figures a realistic look. I get a very mysterious feeling when I look at this image, which is emphasized by the kid looking straight ahead. I think this work is successful because it evokes emotion in its audience.
This work is a painting that uses a variety of colors but has a warm undertone because, even the blue sky has a warm yellow in it. There are many interesting shapes in this image, including the cone shaped hat on one of the girls and a crown on the little boy. The faces on the people give the image a very serious feeling, and the people turned away also add to the seriousness. The shapes give the image character and give the image a playful feeling to balance out the seriousness. I think the artist made the decisions he did in this image because he knew they would stand out. This work brings out questions of the role of women, as seen in the woman on the very left.
This work is a painting that uses a mix of neutral and warm colors, with the exception of the tiara on the woman's head. The top of the car creates leading lines that lead the viewer's eyes from the right to the left of the picture. The colors used emphasize the seriousness and somber mood of the image, the colors also match the expression on both the man and woman's faces. This picture reminds me of people migrating to the west, especially Okies (from Oklahoma). Although this work does not have much going on, it still evokes a lot of emotion and is powerful.
Similar to all of Bartlett's paintings, this artwork also uses predominately warm colors, which help create the longing feeling in this work. Illusion of texture is seen in the woman's hair and coat, as well as in the mountains. Depth and framing are both used in this piece - the mountains in the distance create a sense of depth and the woman is framed by the plane window. This work, focusing on the woman gazing out the window, creates a sense of longing, which the viewer can feel. Overall, this work is successful because it uses Elements of Art and creates emotion.
This painting uses mainly warm colors and some Earth tones, which helps create the tired and calm mood. The two people, especially the woman is framed by the window and the boy's body creates leading lines that lead the viewer's eyes from the left to the right of the picture. I think the author chose this position to paint because it is intriguing, yet simple. The whole picture has a slight tilt to the right, which is hard to notice, but I found interesting. This picture is fairly successful because it uses Elements of Art and creates emotion through an assumed mother-son relationship.

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