ColoRADo Bike Trip mountain biking, fishing, and hanging out

What a trip!! I got an early birthday present from my family to take a trip to ColoRADo (RAD emphasized) to enjoy one of my favorite outdoor activities, mountain biking! This was by far on of the best gifts my family has given me. The memories and experiences on this trip are invaluable, and I will forever be grateful for this getaway!

Day 1

My buddy, Marty, and I loaded up my 4Runner in Burleson, TX and began the 12 hour drive to our destination, Twin Lakes, Colorado. We chatted about life, family, and of course, mountain biking. Making a few stops along the way for food, photo opps, and refueling.

Our Giant Trance mountain bikes
Coyote Bluff Cafe, Amarillo, Texas
Somewhere in New Mexico
Entering Colorado - Almost there
Made it to Twin Lake, Colorado

Day 2 - Mt. Elbert South Trail

We'll we were very anxious to hit the trail, but with no time restraints on our agenda, we decided to cook us up a mighty fine breakfast. Yummy! Oh, and the Jeep in the background is bad!
Cooking breakfast outdoors
Photos before, during, and after at Mt. Elbert

Day 3 - Twin Lakes Loop Trail

After a well rested evening, we were ready for another great ride. No photos of food this morning, sorry. We set out for a sweet ride around Twin Lakes. 16 plus miles of gorgeous, undulating trails!

Twin Lakes Loop Trail

Bikes loaded for ride
Trailing my buddy Doug
Look at me ride
The three amigos!
The obligatory bike scene shot
Peace, let's ride on!
Taking a break from the ride.

Day 4 - Monarch Crest Trail

This is the day we've all been waiting for. This was the day for the epic bike ride! We traveled to Poncha Springs, Colorado to catch the shuttle at High Valley Bike Shuttle. They loaded about 15 bikes on a flat -bed trailer and loved us all into two vans. The shuttle lasted about 20 minutes to the top of Monarch Pass.
Crossing 1 of 3 snow patches along the trail
Taking a break for a pose
This snow patch was huge!
Our band of riders!
The three amigos!
Coming around the corner
Top of the mountain shot
Part of Rainbow Trail
Majestic pines
On top of the trail
Miles and miles of trees.
Two tired fellas
Heading into Silver Creek
At the bottom of Silver Creek
Starting the Rainbow Trail
Looking east into the remainder of our ride
All smiles 7 miles into the trail
Riding into Silver Creek
More snow
And more snow
Met Andrew who was hiking from Mexico to Canada
Look ma no hands
Took a break to take this shot.
Balancing bike act
Thumbs up for this ride

Day 5 - Fishing and hanging out

After three straight days of riding, we thought of giving our legs a break and do some fishing and then head into town. Unfortunately, the beautiful moment of fishing ended quickly due to a summer rainstorm. But it didn't cut our day short.
Shots from Twin Lakes
Sunset on Mt. Massive
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Claudio Zavala


All photos and video by Claudio Zavala Jr.

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