Asperger syndrome By ryan Eames

  1. when you meet someone with Asperger syndrome you can hardly tell they are diagnosed. They walk the streets just like you and me but they have some small social issues. even though they may seem normal they actually have many sensory issues. They are easily bothered by loud noises, bright lights, and even touching objects or being touched.
  2. But as they go through life they learn to deal with those problems and blend in making it almost invisible. but like other disorders there is always a permanent effect. Even though we can blend in and adjust to act normal. We can't focus making us either stare off and think of something or we are alerted by everything and can't focus on the task on hand. Other symptoms are that make eye contact or they obsess over a topic and repeat themselves often.
  3. But that doesn't make them any worse at anything they often learn faster than other people. For instance what takes a normal person a class period to learn one thing it may take two minute to learn but it's hard to focus those two minutes it takes.
  4. There are medications you can take but it varies between people some people one medication works but with others it doesn't, in some cases they all work or none of them work at all.


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