5A1 The White House By: Bella


In 1791 George Washington selected the site by the white house. And in 1792 was when the first cornerstone laid for the building.Also in 1800 president John Adams moved into the white house with his wife, Abigail, Into the unfinished house. During the war in 1812, the British set fire to the presidents house in 1814

Jackie Kennedy Garden

Edith Carrow Roosevelt who had established her colonial garden on the site of the present rose garden a simaler planting on the east side and it was the Jackie kennedy garden.The garden was built April 22, 1965 outside of the White house. Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson continued the gardens restoration plans approved by president and Mrs. Kennedy and the national park service. The east garden was also dedicated by Johnson as the Jacalene Kennedy garden on April 22 1665. This work on the garden was not completed in full until after the first lady had already died in 1913.

Jakie kennedy garden pictures

Basketball Court

One of my favorite rooms outside of the white house is the Basketball Court. The team there is callled the Marines or the Wounded Warriors. The Basketball court is located outside of the white house. When your there you can play basketball and when you do it builds your energy and strength. Some objects in the court are some chairs, A basketball, a basketball net, and a fence around the whole court.

Basketball Court pictures

Family Theater

Another one of my favorite rooms is inside of the white house which is the Family Theater. The family theater was converted from a long cloakroom in 1942 when the current East wing building was constructed. They built the family theater in 1902 and it is located inside of the white house by the east wing building. When you are there you can watch movies the first movie that was shown was The Birth Of A Nation. In the room there are nice, comfortable, red, chairs and almost everything in the room is red.

family theater pictures

Fun facts

  • The white house is where presidents go to live and there are a lot of fun things to do there.
  • The family theater also watched high noon for one of there films
  • Barrack Obama was at the basketball court and played basketball and the marines gave him a trophy and he was happy
  • The Jackie Kennedy garden was like a rose garden
  • Michelle Obama hosted a screening in the family theater in 2009
  • The Marines liked barrack Obama for letting them be able to play.
  • the Jackie Kennedy garden had a large reflecting pool in the center.


White House Museum

White House

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