Highlights: All School 2020 By: Isabella Sorice

Poms exhibited their elite choreography to a mix of music.
Jenna Lenzi '20 and her teammates cheer the school on to head the All School.
A variety of speakers took center stage at all school (from left to right): Secretary of State Jessie White, StuCo President Macy Siegfried '20, StuCo VP James King '21, Steppers Kenny Payton '21 and Bri Ramirez '20.
Thomas Layden '20 gets knocked down in the TAB v.s. LION game of bubble soccer.
Eurythmics performs their energy packed routine for all to see.

Caleb Levitt '20 riles up the senior section for the Class-Board competition.

Snowball members Sherry Nduka '20 and Adriana Serrano '21 give their all against the faculty dodge ball team.

Seamus Ryan '20 tries to intimidate the boy's wrestling team before their tug-o-war match.

Austin Biocic '21 attempts half court shot, with StuCo Vice President James King '21 dressed as Ariel by his side.

LT Marching band's drum line performs a collection of upbeat songs
Special Olympics Basketball play their annual game to end All School
Boys swim and wrestling battle head to head in a game of tug-o-war


Isabella Sorice