Teacher's Note About drawing

Drawing is A foundation Skill for all ART.

Drawing is a foundation skill for all art. It can excite or intimidate students, depending on where they are on their artistic journey. This unit will allow students to explore drawing in ways beyond the pencil and paper. Each lesson encourages fearless Mark making and thoughtful line and volume work. Some lessons incorporate a brush and ink or Bright water colors; others use more traditional media. When practicing drawing, many people find the eraser to be their best friend and their worst enemy. In the classroom I don't have erasers readily available for my students because some spend more time erasing lines than drawing them. I found that, through the use of different media, many students find success, where the pencil and eraser had failed them before. It has been my desire to encourage every student through unconventional methods, and less exploration, and allowing chance to be a viable element and they're drawing. Remember this should be fun keep the fun part in mind when in Barking on any of these lessons – experience is the focus – not perfection.
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Elisabeth Freeman


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