Complaining to the Lord complaining doesn't do anything it only makes it worse...

Snakes, Snakes everywhere, next to the tent, next to the camp fire, next to all the equipment the Israelites are actually dying!

Look over there,they Israelites are heading towards Moses what are they doing? I can barely hear them, they are repenting! Well, Moses has finished talking to the Isrealites... what is going to happen? for a while Moses talked to God. Moses has the bronze pole in his hand and in the other hand is a...bronze snake?

Why a snake? Like didn't the snakes kill them? Why would the snake heal them? Let's hear from the Israelites. Jimmy said "I looked at the snake and I got healed!" Then Bob said why should I look at the snake? They killed my whole family!


Created with images by Christoph - "snake zoo macro" • RobBixbyPhotography - "JaxZoo2004 024"

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