Pittsfield Danielle LarScheid

3041 Kunesh North Road, Pulaski, Wisconsin 54162

I selected the issue about the fire department; whether or not they should buy a fire truck, and if so, how they are going to pay for it. To discuss this issue my town is meeting once every month to see what payments they can make towards the fire truck. They are also discussing with other towns to see if they would like to contribute to the purchase of this truck. I think they are handling this issue very well. The town board is disucussing, and thinking about the desition before they make it, and they are keeping the people of the town very informed about the issue. I also agree with how they are paying for the truck. By splitting up the cost throughout the months and throughout different towns it makes it more affordable for the town. The only thing I would've done differently is spread the word a little bit more, and ask more towns to help pay for/contribute to the payment of the fire truck.


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