Jim Crow Politics, EConomic, social/cultuRal


grand·fa·ther clause

ˈɡran(d)fäT͟Hər ˈˌklôz/


A clause that stoped you from voting if your grandfather was unable to vote

There have always been loopholes in the justice system and there have always been problems with voting. With this Clause these two faults were mixed together and created a very strong law that could not be broken. This law was taking away the freedom of many Americans that had no power against it. Now a days there are still problems with white supremacy and and still problems with unfairly treating other races which results in an unstable country for everyone.

Blacks and Latinos are being pulled over at a rate of over double the rate of whites being pulled over in America. There are also problems in our courts and our justice system that need to get fixed.

The reason that so many blacks and latinos are being pulled over is because, people don't trust them. For some reason white people dont trust black people, because of the roots of America. Because these people who are pulling blacks over are police officers, they have power and we don't think to take it away from them to keep the people in our city safe. The problems dont stop on the roads tare also so many people who have gone to court after being pulled over and have not gotten a fair trial because of their skin color, race, or religion. This is what our country is built off of and we don't seem to want to fix it, we don't seem to be trying to help those in need.

Lots of blacks who go to court are having unfairly based trials because of the laws made during the Jim Crow era, based on their skin color.

The court has always had problems that have negatively effected blacks or African Americans. Many African Americans that enter the court come out with an unfair conclusion to their claims. This is all because of their skin color and is not ok.


Most African Americans are being underpaid compared to white males just based on their skin color even nowadays and it is not helping our community become one

The people who our country is built off of are being underpaid and not understood. African Americans work very hard, harder than a lot of white Americans, and they are getting paid a good amount less because of their religion or skin color. This is going against Americans values and what make America what it is.

Blacks are not qualified for half the amount of jobs the whites are qualified for. This is unfair because it is going against what America stands for "all men are created equal"

People don't hire blacks for as many jobs because they think that they might have a criminal record just by looking at their face. Blacks aren't treated equally to whites because of what Jim Crow and slavery has done to this country. Lots of blacks don't make it threw high school or college because they drop out to help their families. This is also one reason that blacks aren't getting paid as much because of the lack of education they are getting and how much help they need and are not receiving.

One other way that blacks are treated unfairly is by living conditions and working conditions. The working conditions during the Jim Crow era were horrible but they have not gotten much better. Lots of blacks are working in sewers and working on the outside of buildings like as window washers and other jobs that are not paying well and have bad working conditions.

The jobs that blacks are getting are not safe nor fair. Some of the jobs that blacks are getting are terrible and don't pay well. The working conditions alone are so bad that a lot of blacks die at their jobs. This is just unfair and is not what people think of when they think of American jobs.


Blacks restrictions during the Jim Crow era

Their are multiple cultural problems in America surrounding multiple races. One culture/social problem is that a black male could not offer his hand (to shake hands) with a white male because it implied being socially equal. Obviously, a black male could not offer his hand or any other part of his body to a white woman, because he risked being accused of rape. And this is because they are not seen as social equal.

The challenge of being African American

There are so many ways that blacks are treated incorrectly in big ways but the little things hurt to. Like this article says "Jim Crow etiquette prescribed that blacks were introduced to whites, never whites to blacks. For example: "Mr. Peters (the white person), this is Charlie (the black person), that I spoke to you about."

Ridiculous laws created by whites to put blacks down and put in place so whites could stay on top

Back in the Jim Crow days people even created laws to keep blacks at bay because slavery is illegal. I have found a list on some laws that they made

Never assert or even intimate that a white person is lying.

Never impute dishonorable intentions to a white person.

Never suggest that a white person is from an inferior class.

Never lay claim to, or overly demonstrate, superior knowledge or intelligence.

Never curse a white person.

Never laugh derisively at a white person.

Never comment upon the appearance of a white female.

All of these laws show that white dominance was a major thing in the society and was practically the infrastructure of the way America worked

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