Why do People Drop out of School? By: Kyndal Crandall

The reasons why people dropped out

"There are many factors that put a student at risk to dropping out of school. A lot of the times, not all risk factors apply to students. Therefore, research has consistently indicated the following risk factors as variables that lead to a student dropping out of school:"

  • Lack of parent engagement
  • Poor academic performance
  • Work/Family economic needs
  • Lack of a supportive adult
  • Disconnect between school academics and work
  • Not enough individualized attention
  • Low student engagement

Regional average for the students in school income

Why it's Important to Stay in School

About every year, "1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States. That’s a student every 26 seconds – or 7,000 a day". That is a lot of kids who aren't getting the education they need. In are days now, getting a college degree is very important and helps you start your life off right. Like having a college degree is a better chance of getting a well payed job, than getting a job with low wage. Taking that better job opportunity can save you some serious money for your future expenses and loans.

Are Teachers the Reason for Students Dropping School?

When students go to school they expect to have a teacher who knows what there talking, make the class interesting and to be nice and kind to all their students. If teachers are giving students detention, holding them after school and or not being very nice to those students. Students don't feel like coming to school, because there basically being bulled by there teachers. Teachers need to respect their students like there kids. However, students drop schools cause of the amount of homework they receive in there classes. They feel it's not worth doing and just give up. making them want to drop out of school.

Supporting a Family

Not that a student wants to drop out of school, but he/she might have to, for a certain reason. Like supporting a family. Education is very important, but family is a little more important. Supporting a family is a lot of work and putting school onto that list, can be a lot for one person. That's why our parents went to school before having there own family, so they didn't have this tough situation. But life happens and things don't work out as well as you thought and might have to sacrifice to help your family as best as you can.


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