Anna Jones ECE/ECsE

Hi, my name is Anna!

There's me!

I grew up in Bedford County, VA. More specifically, Montvale (A.K.A. the outskirts). Montvale is a small little southern town with 2 gas stations, 1 restaurant, and 0 stop lights. (We also just recently got a family dollar AND a dollar general, yay, options!)

Here's the map!
Usually people have no clue where Bedford is until I say it is home of the Peaks of Otter, or the National D-Day Memorial.
This is a picture I took from a hang-gliding ramp overlooking Montvale.
I had a simple, southern childhood that consisted of snapping beans on the porch with my mom from when I was old enough to walk and talk, to now.


I have a rather large, but spread out family. I am an only child, and I am very close to my parents. I have other family in California, D.C., West Virginia, and other places across the country.

My mom, Kay, and my dad, Jerry. I get, "You look just like your daddy!" a lot.
I am very close to my grandparents, Nana (not pictured) and Paw. I am also close to my cousin Taylor, who is the same age as me, we are very much like sisters.
Here is a photo of my mom, Taylor, and I now!
I also have an adorable little second cousin, named Caris! She's four now and going to start kindergarten next fall.


I have been attending Radford University for 4 years now. I attended Liberty High School, and graduated with an advanced diploma. During high school, I participated in a program called Teachers for Tomorrow. This program allowed me to intern in my own elementary school for 4 days a week with my previous kindergarten teacher. I am so blessed that I was able to do the program, because it confirmed the fact that I wanted to become a teacher and I learned so much! If I had not participated in Teachers for Tomorrow, I am not sure if I would be where I am now. I had a few amazing teachers, and my mom, help me apply to college and figure out all of the hard stuff. I could not be more thankful!

I will be pursuing a masters in education through Radford University's 5 year ECE/ECSE program. I will graduate with my masters in Spring, 2018!

I am pursuing the ECE/ECSE 5 year degree because I truly believe that I can make a difference in a young child's life. Originally, I chose this program because of the early childhood aspect, and I was really interested in the development of young children. During my time studying early childhood I have found that it is true that an educator, parent, or caregiver can make a significant impact on a young child. Therefore, I wanted to be the one to make a positive impact! Also, I have come to love the special education part of the program throughout the experiences during my placements and previous jobs. Every child I have taught has taught me something, as well.

Fall 2013/Spring 2014

Professional Aspirations

Ideally, I would like to be in a school setting, teaching first or second grade. If that is not where I end up, I just hope I am continuing to learn from children everyday in some capacity. In 5 to 10 years, most importantly, I hope to be teaching children things that I see important, no matter what setting. One thing I hope to accomplish in 5 to 10 years is a firm idea of what values and lessons are important for me to teach to my students. Eventually, I would LOVE to start my own program for children with disabilities in Bedford (or wherever I end up.) Specifically a summer program or day camp that teaches children with disabilities important life skills in fun ways outside of a school setting. I want to be a voice and a resource for children and parents who need extra assistance with skills that aren't always taught in school settings.

Opening good-bye presents from the students at my previous placement (fall 2016.)

About me

Things that bug me: spiders, stinkbugs, loud television, & people who chew their food with their mouth open. One thing that really bugs me: when I tell someone that I plan on teaching or working with students who have special needs, and they saw "Aw, how sweet you must not be in it for the money Ha!" or "Oh, your classes must be so easy! You get to like color and stuff."

My response.

Important things in my life: Family, friends, learning to be the best I can be, & helping others.

"If it was gonna be easy anyone could do it." - Dad

Thanks for learning about me!

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