My Grade 9 Self Danika Goodyer

I find myself as an active individual who has thrived on physical activity, whether it being on a team sport or individual sports. In recent years, I have played minor hockey, and minor baseball. I also enjoy playing school sports, and hope to continue on with physical education and teams sports during the years. I feel that playing these sports has given me traits such as leadership and empathy. Through sport and injury in sport, it has guided me in to my future direction of wanting to become a kinesiologist.

Fitness- Over the course of three months, two of my scores have dramatically increased. One being the wall sit, and the other being the 12 minute run. On September 12, my score for the wall sit was 3 minutes and 30 seconds. After 3 months, it increased to 5 minutes and 13 seconds. Increasing my time by almost 2 minutes is very good. On December 12, I felt stronger and could last longer than I could 3 months before. My most recent time increased because I received motivation from my last score, and wanted to increase my score and become more active to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My score for the 12 minute run was 2200 m, which increased to 2425 m. Personally this change was very good for me, being that I increased my distance by 225 m. During my recent run, I felt like I could keep my momentum up, and last the entire distance. I improved my technique on how to pace myself, and felt like I could have kept running after the time was up. Overall, I think that participating in physical education has increased my focus, energy level, and helped maintain being active.

Field Hockey- Due to my participation on the field hockey team, I had prior knowledge of field hockey that I could excel further with my classmates. The most difficult aspect I encountered while learning how to play field hockey was the rules. This is because being that I play ice hockey, the rules are extremely different. For example, in ice hockey the puck can make contact with any part of your body, but in field hockey the only place the ball can make contact with is your stick. Learning all the rules was a challenge, but after I got a grasp of it I quickly learned the difference between the two sports. Personally, field hockey was my favourite sport this semester, and I am looking forward to playing all the way through high school.

Track and Field- If I were to join the Listowel Lightning Track and Field Team, the event I would participate in is the 800 m. I would choose this event since I am strong at running long distances, and can keep my pace throughout the distance. During my fitness test, my score increased by 225 m which I feel I could increase if I practiced running daily. To improve in this event, I would start by running 100 m each day for a week, building my momentum up each day. Every week I would add 100 m to the distance, until the distance reaches 800 m than keep running that distance faster each day.

Football- How to Hut the ball: To hut the football, you first have to establish a good base, which means bending your knees. Next, you grip the football with your thumb and four-finger, making a v-shape. Then, the quarterback will call out the code of the play. After the call is made, you use the hand the ball is in to toss it behind you to your quarterback. After the throw is made, you block the opponent from getting through and attacking the quarterback that has the ball.

Volleyball- I think that volleyball is such a popular team sport because you always have to be ready for the ball coming your way. Since you get a maximum of three passes per side, it involves communication on who the ball is going to next, or who is going after the ball. I also think that volleyball is so appealing since it can be played yearly, and indoor or outdoor. If a teammate was struggling, a tip I would give them to improve would depend on what skill they were having difficulties with. If they were having troubles bumping, I would tell them to bend with their legs instead of using a full arm swing, giving more control of the ball and the direction in which the play is to go.

Badminton- I would rather play Singles games over Doubles games. I prefer playing Singles because it is a challenge to cover all the space on the court by yourself, which personally I like a challenge. Being you have to cover the entire court by yourself, it encourages you to be more active since you are constantly moving. Most of the sports I'm involved in, are team driven. I feel that a singles game would allow me to grow as an athlete and push me as I wouldn't have anyone else to rely on.

Health- I think strong decision making skills is an important skill to have as you progress through secondary school. This is because you do not want to make a bad decision that you will regret for the rest of your life. In secondary school, you are building your foundation on your future life. When you grow up, I would not want to look back at high school and remember all the bad decisions I made and the regrets I have. It is important to be smart with your decisions and not do any illegal things that can get you in trouble, and may cause health issues like underage drinking. I strongly believe that these next years will be a building foundation for our health in our future years. Staying active, maintaining proper eating habits, etc. will set us up for long and healthy lives.

Advice to my Grade 9 Self- Looking back at the beginning of the semester, I was worried about how people were going to judge me. I have learned from that mistake, since everyone will judge you no matter what. The only person who should care about how you look and your personality is you. Their opinion is not going to matter, because you will meet new friends who will share the same similarities as you and will not judge you for who you are. I also suggest trying out for extra-curricular activities where you can gain new interests and meet new friends with the same interests as you.

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