Information Technology has been changing gradually since it has used by all over the world, it has used by little kid to our grandmothers.Lets look at the timeline of IT ; In 1980s children and young ladies\boys are keen on watching television , in 1990s they are all interested in listening hits of music. 10 years later all people in world (no matter how age person is) spend their free time in internet , instant messenger applications,network sites,playing computer games..From now on people like to join social activities in social media.And more than this , there is company which all work in IT Industry.


Also IT effect the marketing in our world.In the past (nearly 1970s and 1980s) people were buying records, disks and albums to listen music but since IT's progress people buy their music in Itunes ( Apple Music Store) , Spotify which is one of the most current music store , iMusic (Apple's new music store).

When people want to buy or sell sth. they have to join marketing sector but now they can make it online with some applications.For instance Letgo (one of the biggest marketing app),Amazon(one of the most well known website that sells the product to world wide), they , Ebay , Alibaba...

Here you can see one of the biggest marketing company's logo.

Ethical Impacts

Plagiarism has been used by many people since IT has been introduced and hacking become more popular within people.People believe that ; no matter their work is original or stolen.In IT cheaters, hackers can cheat someone 's work with notime. Some applications has got their security precaution but some applications hasn't.That cheating thing is not ethic and illegal , we have to take steps to avoid our works from the hackers.

Legal Impacts

Over the years technology has enhance so quickly.It brought some legal challenges, downloading movies and pirateted cds creating lots of problems.People want to buy sth. in cheapest and fastest way and that will contaminate people to buy pirate cds, movies and songs.In order to support artists we have to buy original works and products.


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