Oceans Dreamed Big Realize your dreams fill oceans, now let's put them in motion...

About Us

Oceans Dreamed Big officially launched in January 2018 with the members: Miles, Lynn, and Jay. Oceans Dreamed Big (ODB) is established in Southern California. ODB has begun their career with the understanding that the post-hardcore movement gives a voice to the voiceless and from this movement stems music that seeks to release tension. ODB not only wants to relate to your problems but we also want to give you answers when you need them. We emphasize the importance of communication, reflection, and love. So put the music on blast and harness the Big in you because it’s time to realize your dreams fill oceans. Let’s put them in motion.

Miles, Guitar

Miles is one of the primary creative elements in ODB. With a unique sense of drive and passion, it shows that Miles is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve musical creativity and satisfaction. Coming in from different bands and genres, Miles has finally found the right fit with ODB in being able to express his feelings and visions. He originally started as the bassist for ODB but then realized his full potential as the guitarist and his prominence in back up vocals. Miles, a great player with a melodic approach, is exactly what ODB needed. His influences include: Panic! at the Disco, Foo Fighters, Blink-182, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, and Bear Tooth.

Lynn, Vocals & Bass

Lynn is the front-woman of Oceans Dreamed Big. She is the dreamer and founder of the band, with a penchant for creativity. Without Lynn, ODB would not be what it is today. Lynn is a proficient songwriter who is willing to experiment and take music to the next level. With a wide pallet of musical tastes, it is apparent in the music she creates. Not only is she focusing on music and wanting to help others, she has other projects she focuses on, most notably Peak Chaser photography. Lynn is someone that helps foster creativity and helps others achieve their potential. Her influences include: Pvris, Escape the Fate, Pierce the Veil, and Paramore.

Jay, Guitar

Jay is the rhythm guitarist for ODB. With persistence, he believes in the vision ODB has set aligned for itself and is determined to join Lynn in making dreams become reality. With a focus in audio engineering and production, Jay is able to bring new elements to the writing table. It is the eclectic taste in music that Jay is influenced by that is channeled in his playing with ODB and his side project, AOTA. His influences range from: Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Cosmic Gate, Armin Van Buuren, Rise Against, Linking Park, She Wants Revenge, and Rezz.

Created By
Lynn Ayala


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