Agriculture Project By Ben Grundman

First Agricultural revolution- The first agricultural revolution was when humans domesticated plants and animals, it happened 11,000 years ago it was huge because we no longer had to hunt for everything. Domesticated animals were the first major stepping stone for human agriculture.

Wheat was the first crop grown by humans.

Second Agricultural revolution-The plow and horse collar were invented in western Europe, making farming easier. These completely changed agriculture for the better. It made the basic farming techniques faster, safer and more efficient.

Simple machines were incorporated into farming

Third Agricultural revolution-Advanced technologies were created that helped farmers all over the world. It was international and it's purpose was to eliminate all world hunger. It happened in the 1900's. The technologies were things like plows and eventually tractors, all of these dramatically increased safety, maximized production and increased speed.

GMO's: Organisms that are made with engineered material, the ultimate goal is the improve the original organism.

Pro's: GMO's are more resistant to harmful insects and are modified to have more nutrients. Con's: Causes more allergies in children and it's genes may migrate.

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