Digital Imaging HNC

The Last of us

i made this image by starting with a picture of the corridor then added charli in with basic cut and paste and colour tint to blend it in to the image better i then added the char and box in to the image the same way i then added the tree by cutting and pasting it in and using the layer mask to cut out the window then i added the gravel texture by clone stamping the ground charli was standing on to create the dirty look to the floor and then i then added the final image of the corridor with the ghosts of students that where random students walking down the corridor finally i cut out the pictures on the wall of the original image and warped it to make it look like it is falling off the wall

Open your eyes

this image is made from three self portraits the first image is the one of my eye i coped the two images of me standing and peeking over and used the layer mask to cut out the images i then used the brushes to create the colour wheel that is in my eye and changed the blending mode to colour so that the colour overlays the texture of the eye

Take back the city

this image was made by layer masking the cityscape in line with the silhouetted building and hill then using a copy of the layer mask i overlayed the cracked stone texture over the city

All the small things

in this image i added 3 self portraits cut out using layer mask to a head shot i then used puppet warp to position hand and feet in the correct place

Rear View Mirror

this image was made my adding an image of a empty street at night and the image of the woods and i had to crop and flip the image to creat the other side of the image so that it lined up correctly and then used the layer mask to cut out the car mirror and the pillar


all photos frazerstobbs

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