SPEAK by Laurie Anderson

Summary (wiki)

Speak, published in 1999, is a young adult novel by Laurie Halse Anderson that tells the story of high school freshman Melinda Sordino. After accidentally busting an end-of-summer party due to an unnamed incident, Melinda is ostracized by her peers because she will not say why she called the police. Unable to verbalize what happened, Melinda nearly stops speaking altogether, expressing her voice through the art she produces for Mr. Freeman's class. This expression slowly helps Melinda acknowledge what happened, face her problems, and recreate her identity.

In the story we start with Melinda a chomped tree because she got raped."We were on the ground. When did that happen? No. No I did not like this." When this happened it was like her body was a computer and it went in to lock down,and she stays isolated and no one talks to her cause the think she a snitch. they are worried that she mite snitch on them and they all have secrets and that why they are not concerned because they are to selfish to try to find out why.

Like this young pine is growing, in the story milenda is growing with expressing her self in bits of pieces and talking like when she talks to her dad for the first time in a while "can you buy some seeds? Flower seeds?"

At the end she the most confident shes been since being raped when she said "No". She has learned that you can't change your past but you can change your future and what you did or what happened doesn't define you what you are doing defines who you are. Dont focus on the past or you will miss the future.



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