My World Connor Davis

My Family

My mom's name is Beth and she works at Chase, she used to be a pilot/pilot trainer. She is very helpful, funny, kind and competitive. My Dad's name is James and also works at Chase. He helps me with baseball and basketball and is an avid reader. I have two cats which are both black and named Shadow and Whiskers. My dog is a Yorkshire Poodle, his name is Brutus and be is very playful and energetic. I am also an only child.

My Interests

I play Basketball and Baseball and am very passionate about both of them. In Baseball I play pitcher and first baseman and hit very hard in batting. In basketball I play center but I can shoot anywhere around the court and am very aggressive under the basket. I am also a very big fan Ohio state and every Cleveland team (including the Browns). My favorite band is Twenty-one Pilots.

My Heritage

I am Irish and German. In Ireland around one million people died in the 1800's from the potato famine and my family eats mashed potatoes or French fries at a lot of meals. Ireland's is nicknamed "Emerald Island" because of it's emerald colored grass. In Ireland people throw huge parades for St. Patrick's day which my family celebrates. In Germany there is no speed limit on most of the highways. Germans eat with the fork in their left hand and the knife in their right which my grandmother sometimes does. There are hundreds of castles in Germany. German is the official language.

My Future Job

I want my future job to be playing in the NBA as a center in either major or minor leagues hopefully playing for Cleveland. I would get there by playing basketball right now and in high school. I could also be a pitcher or first baseman in the MLB for Cleveland. I would get there by playing travel baseball as well as playing in high school. If I don't make the NBA or MLB I would do something with economics or travel.

Thank You For Reading


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