He stayed with us. Let's stay with him. By: JarEd hunt, bebaie joseph, amani khan and mariella soto

Campaign Goal

The ultimate goal of our campaign is to get Catholics back to where they need to be. By this we mean they need to become devoted and connected to their faith. Over time millions of people have lost touch with Christ and don't understand what it means to be a child of God. This title includes going to church, praying and spreading the word of Christ. If we all take a small portion out of our day to learn about the importance and benefits of embracing the good news of the lord, we would all be doing so much for ourselves and for others around us. We can spread the word by using social media and other platforms to get those within our school community to become more involved.

Why Catholics are not Practicing their Faith:

The youth is the majority who don't attend church or practice their faith

Have not come across Christ's love

The desire to want to find Christ's love has been lost

The importance has been lost

Not involved in their church, because there is no love there

People too busy with their lives and have excuses


This first video was created with our spokesperson, Mariella, to talk about the development of the Catholic Church and describe the historical context as explained in the Bible.

The first Instagram post presents our logo, slogan and hashtag to promote Christ's message. The next 3 posts talk about three major apostles and how they spread Christ's message. They also briefly describe their beginnings with the church.

Bible Passages:

Peter 5:1

Mark 16:20

John 20:22

Further Explaining our logo, slogan, hashtag and spokesperson:

Our logo is simple to not distract the audience from the true meaning of our campaign. At once glance, the message of Jesus Christ comes across and the fire within his believers. Our short motto is printed on it which further confirms what our logo is about. From the moment you look at it, the message is clearly displayed. There are no distractions or any other images to take away from what the main message and goal of the campaign is

Although the message is short, the message behind it allows people to know that we want to help them become closer to Jesus. "He stayed with us," sends the message that over time, Jesus has always been there for us. "Let's stay with him'" is allowing people to think that they need to do more to embrace their faith. It's telling them that they may not be doing enough

The hashtag means that Jesus died for us, and then has been there for all this time so we need to be there for him and have him understand that we are devoted apostles and are able to spread his message. The save with us part of the hashtag is referring to helping other people understand why it is important to spread Christ's message and then go and have those people spread it themselves and continue to help others

Our spokesperson is Mariella. She is presented in both the videos spreading our message. She was chosen because she is energetic and excited about spreading the messages of Christ. Public speaking is a strength and she is committed to helping people become devoted to the church and Christ.

Further Explaining James, Peter and John:


  • James was one of the first disciples
  • He witnessed the transfiguration
  • He spread the Gospel across Israel and Roman kingdom
  • Spread the word of Christ in Spain for 40 years
  • Built a church for the Virgin Mary when she asked
  • Martyred for following Jesus by king Herod


  • Peter is one of the first apostles called during the ministry of Jesus.
  • He was originally named Simeon.
  • He also denied Jesus later on.
  • After Jesus ascended into heaven Peter traveled to professed the message and convert people to Christianity
  • He was the first leader of the Roman church
  • Peter raised the dead and healed the sick


  • John, along with Peter and James, is the only witness of the raising of the daughter of Jarius
  • Closest witness to the Agony in Gethsemane
  • Sent by Jesus to make preparations for the Last Supper
  • During the Last Supper, John leaned on Jesus
  • Only apostle to now forsake the Savior in the hour of the passion
  • Author of John as well as four other books in the New Testament

Differentiating the mission of the early church and the how people associate themselves with being a Catholic today:

There are three main messages of the early church. The first is that the church and church community spread the good news of Jesus. The second is that the church community creates new life within someone who embraces and shares the good news of Jesus. The third mission of the church is to incorporate the new followers and believers into their own community.

Evangelization is fulfilling Jesus' mission in Matthew 28:18 and says "Go and make disciples of all nation". The early church took evangelism more seriously then we do today because it was still fresh in their minds during the great commission. The New Evangelization calls for people who have lost their faith, to connect with Christ again. The term "evangelize" means to seek your faith, so the new evangelization is focused on reconnecting those who have had difficulty with their faith.

Project Description

Our next video is a way of showing what being a catholic is today in reality. Many people have strayed away from going to church and spreading the messages. We need to realize that being catholic means participating in the faith. If we're not involved, how can we expect Christ to love us? As long as we put effort in, so will he.



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